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“Brother Lou (my other hero) sings out notes clear and majestic as a redwood forest. And like a forest of fine trees, THE DEVIL IN ME is a collection of some of Lou’s finest writing and performing. Brother Lou has cultivated a CD of insights and awakenings that challenge, enlighten and entertain.”

- Robert Mitchell, South Florida Folk Notes

“'As Good As You Want' is in the top tier of an enduring, if under appreciated genre. Brother Lou is a man of the people and has earned his due respect”

- Courtney Harding, Billboard Magazine Discoveries.

“The Devil In Me is a fun mix of blues, folk and Americana that is part Leon Redbone and part Big Rude Jake”

- Wildy Haskell, Wildy’s World Reviews.

“If you like your social and political commentary delivered with a sense of humour and a toe-tapping beat, ‘As Good As You Want’ is as good as it gets”

- Mare Wakefield, Performing Songwriter Magazine.