The sun should have
Been up by now
But I still can’t sleep
I’ve been up counting
Mountain ranges
Covered in lost sheep
I’ve been up trying
Not to think about
Everything we’ve lost
Dollars and Democracy
This land belongs
To giants now
That, dwarf the Philistine
That rock you’ve got is about
As much use as a protest sign

Tonight more than days before
We need your human touch
‘Cause other than to each other
We don’t count for much

Mother Nature she ties tough knots
When you try to hold her down
The sulfur sky is falling
The rainbows are grey and brown
Liberty put down her torch
For to thumb a ride
And Justice can’t hold on no more
She’s fallen to one side

Tonight more than days before
We need your human touch
Accounting crunched the numbers
And we cost too much

They blamed Tricky Dick
They blamed Trickle Down
The Texans, the Farmer
And Slick Bill
But say nothing of the fat cows
Still grazing on the hill
That’s business as usual
And it’s no surprise to me
I was born long after
It was still cool to believe
Perhaps I’m even lucky
I’m not stuck with some memory
Of what hope felt like
Before November 1963

Through the Wind

You can search the whole world over
Or try to start the new world order
You can fall to your knees for a dollar
But, I’m pretty sure it ain’t worth the bother
And the sun breathes through the wind

You can try to fill what’s missing
By lining up a few religions
Put them in a big competition
Print up tickets and charge admission

But the wisest words I never get sick of
Love is all you need is love
So find what you’ve got then be a giver
Let them keep that bag of silver

And the sun breathes through the wind
And my world feels whole again
May our little kingdom have no end
I’m back in the arms of my love and my friend

You can feed me to the lions cause
I won’t live by your weird myths and laws
Some people want to start a riot
When they push their god and you don’t buy it
And the sun breathes through the wind

But when my days are over and done
Whether or not there’s a heaven
I’m gunna know I tried to give you
Something simple, heartfelt and true

And if someday you’re filled with sorrow
This melody you can borrow
Take it with you and lend it freely
May it help you like it helped me

Copyright Brother Lou 2009

This Song

There’s no use in complaining, there’s no sense in pretending
Something starts off somewhere and then it needs an ending
So last night, she done me wrong

If I took the time to think about why that woman left me
I could come up with a reason for each day since she met me
Each day I didn’t notice what I wasn’t doing it for her
I’d play my guitar but my songs only bored her
So last night, she done me wrong
She got herself a new man and I, I got this song

I guess she got tired of me never listening to her
I’d tune her out and turn up Hank or Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard

Now I’m alone again but that’s only how it seems
I got my guitar and my radio and all my crazy dreams
I ain’t lonesome, I ain’t lovesick, I ain’t got swinging doors
I ain’t crying in big river wondering what she left me for
She was right to do me wrong
I left her a long time ago, chasing this song

I’d tell her to go on to bed and I’ll be there in a little while
Then I’d go listen to Dylan, David Allen Coe, Hammel on Trial

This song ain’t about hard feeling or trying to turn the tables.
There is no message to be learned, there’s no moral, this ain’t a fable
There’s no use in complaining there’s no sense in pretending
This song started way back there and now it needs an ending
So tonight when she does me wrong
Kiss her once for me and tell her thanks for the song

Copyright Brother Lou 2009

The Hungry Girl

This world can wear you thin with each long lonely day
Sometimes a smile can go a long way
Now I’m not saying I bring joy everywhere I go
But when I see a neighbor outrside I smile and wave hello
But I’m telling you to be careful
I’m telling you because it’s true
Some people out there are so starved for attention
They will take a bite, hold on tight
And never let go of you

She’s big, she’s loud she’s the hungry girl
The starvinest girl in the whole damn world
You were nice to her one time, and now you find
She’s been hungry so long that she’s out of her mind
Don’t let your eyes make that fateful connection
Don’t let her develop a taste for your affection
Now ten times a day she needs a new favor
There ain’t nothing as heavy as an upstairs neighbor
When she’s the hungry girl

She’ll leave a note on your car, e-mail you and more
Is there any way she can get a ride to the store
You pretend you’re not home she’s like Kool Aid through the door
She’s too big to miss and too loud to ignore
(She’s too big to miss and too loud to ignore)

She’s big and loud she’s a hungry girl
Starvinest girl in the whole damn world
She’s gunna chase you down to your very last breath
She won’t stop ‘til she’s full, and she’s always starving to death
Now I have no doubt she needs something to fill her
But what she needs I ain’t ever gunna give her
I’m packed tight like a sardine hiding under my bed
I can’t sleep at night she ate all the dreams in my head
I lie awake in a cold sweat and shiver
I pray to the lord that I will be delivered
From the Hungry girl

Now you might think I’m exaggerating
I’m being mean and telling stories that aren’t true
All I can say is wait for the day
Someone hungry takes a bite out of you.

Brother Lou copyright 2009

The Devil in Me

Something stirring in me since the day I was born
Dancing like a fire and keeping me warm
I look the world in the eye then lie through my teeth
But don’t lay blame, it’s the devil in me

Lord, you know this has been coming for a while
Lately, I waste your time and you cramp my style
But I will give credit where credit is due
I wouldn’t know the devil so well if not for you

So, thank you Lord for the Devil in Me
Your ways are truly a mystery
I once was blind, now I see
I want to thank you Lord for the Devil in Me
I want to thank you Lord for the Devil

I prayed to you Lord for money and fun
Seems like everybody round here but me got some
So now, I make my own luck and damn the rest to hell
If you won’t give me what I want then it’s just as well

Well, you could have made it easy but you made it round
I did one thing wrong you spit me out of town
You take candy from a kid, like I take fruit from a tree
Then you act surprised I’ve got is the Devil in me

I want to thank you Lord for the Devil in Me
Your ways are truly a mystery
I once was blind, now I see
I want to thank you Lord for the Devil in Me
I want to thank you Lord for the Devil

I know he’s slippery and bad as sin
But I never feel guilty or sorry for him
He just do what he do and he be who he be
Then he say, “What the hell else did you expect from me?”

I know he’s mean, he’s downright abusive
But at least he’s here, you’re nothing but allusive
I called and called for you but he came running to me
Thank you lord, for the devil