When You Lose At Love

Welcome back my friend
I can see where you’ve been
Out getting wounded by love again
You opened your heart
So wide it consumed you
Love, played you like a punk
Love was just passing through

When you lose at love there’s this funny little club
You find you belong to but want no part of

That thousand yard stare
Looking for what isn’t there
Looking to feel that way again, anything to not feel this way
She left me for the coast
She found someone new
But California could not hold her and neither could you

When you lose at love there is this funny little club
You find you belong to and want no part of

My love sick friend, I’ve been where you’ve been
Don’t make such a big deal about it
Life goes on with or without it
In time all hearts mend
You’ll ante up your heart again

Copyright Brother Lou 2009

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