The sun should have
Been up by now
But I still can’t sleep
I’ve been up counting
Mountain ranges
Covered in lost sheep
I’ve been up trying
Not to think about
Everything we’ve lost
Dollars and Democracy
This land belongs
To giants now
That, dwarf the Philistine
That rock you’ve got is about
As much use as a protest sign

Tonight more than days before
We need your human touch
‘Cause other than to each other
We don’t count for much

Mother Nature she ties tough knots
When you try to hold her down
The sulfur sky is falling
The rainbows are grey and brown
Liberty put down her torch
For to thumb a ride
And Justice can’t hold on no more
She’s fallen to one side

Tonight more than days before
We need your human touch
Accounting crunched the numbers
And we cost too much

They blamed Tricky Dick
They blamed Trickle Down
The Texans, the Farmer
And Slick Bill
But say nothing of the fat cows
Still grazing on the hill
That’s business as usual
And it’s no surprise to me
I was born long after
It was still cool to believe
Perhaps I’m even lucky
I’m not stuck with some memory
Of what hope felt like
Before November 1963

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