Brother Lou News June, July and August 2012

hello there,

Brother Lou has new shows to announce

Wednesday: 5/23/2012 @ 8PM @ Epicure Café Fairfax VA US

I will be playing along With Chatham Street, Jean Bayou, as well as others at Ron Goad’s  songwriter showcase. This is a hip, funky,  quirky café on Lee Highway in Fairfax.

Friday: 6/1/2012 @ 6:00 PM @ Epworth Camp PMN Summer Weekend High Falls, NY,  this will be my 1st people’s music network event.   I am looking forward to a music filled weekend, as well as meeting some new friends.

Saturday: 6/9/2012 @ 1:00 PM @ Country Creek Winery X treme Folk Scene Telford, PA, US        Right outside of Philadelphia we will be celebrating extreme folk!  the music begins Friday night and goes on through Sunday afternoon. I will be playing on Saturday afternoon. It should be fun and worth the trip to Philadelphia!                                                                                                                             Wednesday: 6/27/2012 @ 9:00 PM @ Epicure Cafe Fairfax, VA US                                        A group of more than a dozen songwriters will be playing the songs of uncle Bob! or as you may call him Bob Dylan.

Sunday: 7/15/2012 @ 4:00 PM @ The Frederick Coffee Company Frederick, MD, US   My long weekend in Frederick Maryland will conclude with 2 shows. One on Sunday afternoon at the Frederick coffee company. This will be my 2nd appearance at this songwriter showcase.

Monday: 7/16/2012 @ 8:00 PM @ Brewer’s Alley Restaurant Frederick, US

And then the next night again in Frederick Maryland as a part of a different songwriter showcase. This will be my 3rd appearance at Brewers alley!
Friday:  7/20/2012  @ 9 p.m. @ Fireflies in Alexandria, VA               This is one of my favorite venues in the area as they have great food and Julie a great crowd.

Wednesday: 7/25/2012 @ 8:00 PM @ Epicure Cafe Fairfax, VA, US                                    Brother Lou back at the epicure for a headlining show!
Monday: 8/6/2012 @ 8:00 PM @ Brewer’s Alley Restaurant Frederick, US
And then back to Brewers alley for my 4th appearance at the songwriter showcase.

So it will be a busy summer, but I am looking forward to seeing some of you out there! Enjoy the rest of your spring and all of your summer!

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