Brother Lou News June, July and August 2012

hello there,

Brother Lou has new shows to announce

Wednesday: 5/23/2012 @ 8PM @ Epicure Café Fairfax VA US

I will be playing along With Chatham Street, Jean Bayou, as well as others at Ron Goad’s  songwriter showcase. This is a hip, funky,  quirky café on Lee Highway in Fairfax.

Friday: 6/1/2012 @ 6:00 PM @ Epworth Camp PMN Summer Weekend High Falls, NY,  this will be my 1st people’s music network event.   I am looking forward to a music filled weekend, as well as meeting some new friends.

Saturday: 6/9/2012 @ 1:00 PM @ Country Creek Winery X treme Folk Scene Telford, PA, US        Right outside of Philadelphia we will be celebrating extreme folk!  the music begins Friday night and goes on through Sunday afternoon. I will be playing on Saturday afternoon. It should be fun and worth the trip to Philadelphia!                                                                                                                             Wednesday: 6/27/2012 @ 9:00 PM @ Epicure Cafe Fairfax, VA US                                        A group of more than a dozen songwriters will be playing the songs of uncle Bob! or as you may call him Bob Dylan.

Sunday: 7/15/2012 @ 4:00 PM @ The Frederick Coffee Company Frederick, MD, US   My long weekend in Frederick Maryland will conclude with 2 shows. One on Sunday afternoon at the Frederick coffee company. This will be my 2nd appearance at this songwriter showcase.

Monday: 7/16/2012 @ 8:00 PM @ Brewer’s Alley Restaurant Frederick, US

And then the next night again in Frederick Maryland as a part of a different songwriter showcase. This will be my 3rd appearance at Brewers alley!
Friday:  7/20/2012  @ 9 p.m. @ Fireflies in Alexandria, VA               This is one of my favorite venues in the area as they have great food and Julie a great crowd.

Wednesday: 7/25/2012 @ 8:00 PM @ Epicure Cafe Fairfax, VA, US                                    Brother Lou back at the epicure for a headlining show!
Monday: 8/6/2012 @ 8:00 PM @ Brewer’s Alley Restaurant Frederick, US
And then back to Brewers alley for my 4th appearance at the songwriter showcase.

So it will be a busy summer, but I am looking forward to seeing some of you out there! Enjoy the rest of your spring and all of your summer!

News for January – March 2012

Brother Lou has been busy so far  in 2012.  Among my gigs  gigs  in the past month or so  was an in the round concert  at Picker’s Supply in Fredericksburg Virginia, where I  shared the stage with  Mike Dougherty,   Gene Mills and Gayla Mills and Brady Earnhardt.   I was able to play 6 songs and actually walked away with some CD sales and a little bit of pocket money. In this day and age a monumental success!

However, the highlight of my mini tour, which took me through Maryland up to New York City was a featured spot at the world-famous club, The Bitter End where I was able to play a half-hour set of original songs to a full room among which included my lovely wife, some old friends from high school, some good friends from New Jersey, and some relatives from Long Island and West Chester. It was one of those nights that made me think” oh yeah, that’s why I do this!”

Currently I am finishing up some writing and getting ready to record my 3rd full-length CD, of course I am wondering if CDs will still be around by the time I’m finished. I hope to include some works by other artists on the CD including my ukulele version of U2′s I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For.  Wouldn’t  it be cool to get sued by U2? I will keep you posted as the album progresses, and with new performances I will be announcing soon. Stay thirsty my friends.

An Introduction

Hailing from Vienna Virginia, Brother Lou is a singer and songwriter with a point of view and the talent to back it up. He has played in various bands across New York, Philadelphia, Atlanta and Miami but currently records and plays in the D.C. area. He has received many achievements for the music that he has created. His songs have been finalists in the ‘Song of the Year’ contest, sponsored by VH1, ‘The Great American Song’ contest and ‘American Songwriter Magazine Best Lyrics’ Contest. Brother Lou’s single ‘The Devil In Me’ spent 12 weeks on the Alternate Root’s Top 66 Americana Album Chart this year, peaking at #26.

Using an acoustic palette for colour, Lou moves through delicate finger-picking guitar melodies (Through the Wind), percussive beats and chords for a richer rhythmic drive (This Song), and a trance inducing strum (I’m Gunna Rise Again) – all of which are woven around his musical feeling of folk.

With a voice that can rattle and cuddle equally, Brother Lou’s passion is what hits you right after the sound of his voice. With a musical foundation that cements itself to the format of beautiful folk, his songs are expressed as observations on life through the eyes of Brother Lou. Song titles, for the most part, are only the introductions to the many stories he has to tell. Going into tracks like Don’t Want to Hide Anymore, When You Lose at Love, The Devil in Me, the words combined with his honourable rhythms play out with strength. The fifty-eight seconds of I Need A Truck provides a carefully crafted list of the things that Lou needs to have with him at all times.

Brother Lou creates thought-provoking music which challenges your ideas of difficult subjects such as belief and religion. When this man sings, the hairs on your neck will stand up and your foot will tap along.


“Brother Lou (my other hero) sings out notes clear and majestic as a redwood forest. And like a forest of fine trees, THE DEVIL IN ME is a collection of some of Lou’s finest writing and performing. Brother Lou has cultivated a CD of insights and awakenings that challenge, enlighten and entertain.”

- Robert Mitchell, South Florida Folk Notes

“’As Good As You Want’ is in the top tier of an enduring, if under appreciated genre. Brother Lou is a man of the people and has earned his due respect”

- Courtney Harding, Billboard Magazine Discoveries. 

“The Devil In Me is a fun mix of blues, folk and Americana that is part Leon Redbone and part Big Rude Jake” 

- Wildy Haskell, Wildy’s World Reviews.

“If you like your social and political commentary delivered with a sense of humour and a toe-tapping beat, ‘As Good As You Want’ is as good as it gets” 

- Mare Wakefield, Performing Songwriter Magazine.

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